Our Services

Business growth solutions for the digital age.


Whether you need to manage your projects bookkeeping, report to the DAO community about the performance of the protocol or complete a crypto tax return, our compliance team are always on hand to support you and your business.


We know not everyone can be as passionate about crypto as we are and that’s why we have built our Myna Outsourced offering. Whether you’re an accountant, family office or IFA, our expert team can help to ensure you can support your clients within this new and evolving world.


Scaling your business can be challenging without the right support around you, that’s why the Myna team can offer fractionalised CFO, Crypto security & custody and Corporate Structuring amongst other services to support your growing business.

Forensic Accounting

As with all the traditional financial world financial crime and legal disputes exist in the crypto world too. This is why we have a dedicated team to supporting clients with recovering stolen crypto, family disputes and criminal or corporate fraud and hacks.