24 November 2022
Web3 Business

The Future of Finance – A Decentralised World!

Swapsicle – A quick introduction Even if you’ve heard of Swapsicle, you might not know exactly who they are or what they do. Swapsicle is a […]
24 November 2022
Web3 Business

Tokenomics — Crypto Economics, the basics.

Nephos Group had the pleasure to sit down with Simplicity Consultancy on the Nephology Podcast. Simplicity Consultancy are a team of economists specialising in tokenomics, who […]
24 November 2022
Web3 Business

What You Need To Know About Launching A Web3 Business: The Painful Parts

There’s a lot of information out there when it comes to web3, however, the majority of the information out there can lack the inside knowledge that […]
1 November 2022
nephos group

The Story of Nephos Group

Now, if you’ve been around since the start of Nephos, you’ll have a bit of an understanding of the journey founder Joe David went on to […]
1 November 2022
business growth

Why listening to your employees is vital for your business

The way you run your company will determine the longevity of it. Sounds simple when spoken aloud, but when it comes to the actual nitty-gritty of […]
31 October 2022
corporate finance

Nephos Group Launches Corporate Finance

We are excited to announce the arrival of Corporate Finance into the Nephos Group world! Whether you’re looking to sell your business, buy a company or […]
21 October 2022
nephos group

How Your NFTs Are Tracked & Why It’s Important To Understand

So, you invest in NFTs, but don’t necessarily look into what happens after the purchase? Totally normal. In fact, so many of our clients are unsure […]
29 September 2022
Ethereum Merge

The Ethereum Merge: What It Means For Your Tax

So, the Ethereum Merge has taken place and you’re probably wondering “How will this impact me & my tax position?” Well, you’re in the right place, […]
16 September 2022
nft launch

Celsius: What Happened, What You Need To Know & Next Steps

Unless you’ve been hiding under a crypto fuelled rock, you would have heard that Celsius, once a leading crypto platform, has now declared bankruptcy. On the […]