The Future of Finance - A Decentralised World!


Swapsicle – A quick introduction

Even if you’ve heard of Swapsicle, you might not know exactly who they are or what they do.

Swapsicle is a decentralised exchange (DEX) built on the avalanche blockchain. It originated on the idea of providing everyone with the ability to take complete control of their own finances, regardless of how much knowledge they have about finance or cryptocurrency.

With Swapsicle, you can swap, provide liquidity and farm with your liquidity tokens! You can also access our IceBox and soon, IceVault, for a seamless staking experience without the risk of impermanent loss. GameFi and cross chain capabilities are coming soon!

DeFi – what’s it all about, and why should you care?

As Tom easily puts it:

“Decentralised finance, in the simplest terms, is getting rid of the middleman. Decentralised finance creates the applications for you to be able to control your money and generate money without needing to rely on somebody else.”

On a more technical level, DeFi, or Decentralised Finance, is a financial system that moves away from the need for traditional banks. Based on the blockchain, it’s described as a “peer-to-peer” system. In other words, no intermediary (such as a bank) is needed for one person to send assets to another.

While many people think that DeFi is only important for people who own crypto, this isn’t necessarily true. DeFi has a big future, and the potential to change our current ways of doing many things. More recently Decentralised Finance is even more important after the events of FTX, highlighting the benefits of self custody and not rely on a 3rd party.

DeFi – What does the future hold?

Other than as a way to buy crypto, there are several ways in which DeFi could make waves in the future.

Lending – thanks to borderless transactions, lending and borrowing assets becomes a lot easier. You don’t have to be restricted to transactions within your own country, you won’t need approval from anyone such as a bank in order to get a loan. And since everything is borderless, you have more options when looking for a lender, helping you to get the best possible terms.

Trading – while the obvious example of how DeFi can support trading is trading one crypto for another, there’s no knowing what limits, if any, DeFi will have for trading. NFTs have opened the door to the possibilities of further DeFi trades, but only time will tell how big the potential really is.

Gaming – Thanks to NFTs, gaming has the potential to taken to a whole new level. Cross game and cross platform trades could soon be available thanks to NFTs, meaning that a user could trade their Xbox FIFA card for their friends PlayStation Fortnite skin. The possibilities are endless.

But while DeFi has the potential for a big future, there are still several flaws that need to be ironed out.

Tom tells Joe how peer to peer is “a very untapped market”. However, he believes that regulations over the next few years will massively determine the market over the next few years.


Tom and Joe discuss DeFi, why you should care about it and what the future could hold for it, plus how regulations over the next few years could affect the market.

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