Tax Technician

13 Jun 2023


Your role as Tax Technician is to support your client base accurately and efficiently to the best of your ability, providing high-quality information to aid the client in achieving financial goals. You will report directly to theTax Specialist, ensuring that effective communication and delivery of services is a priority. You will be driven by the Nephos Group vision and go above and beyond to ensure that the use of tech and digital solutions are at the heart of all decision making.

Key Duties:

  • Management of own client work (including effective communication and assistance with needs where required)
  • Use software to deal with Crypto bookkeeping 
  • Generate complex Crypto based queries to be shared with clientele 
  • Prepare, complete, and file tax returns for individuals, building close relationships to understand each individuals circumstances and how we can best assist them regarding potential deductions and allowances
  • Use a proactive mindset to ensure that high-quality services are being provided to all clients
  • Prepare tax forms and documents, ensuring that research and advice is sought from senior-level accountants with challenging circumstances, identifying risks and always thinking of solutions to resolve these
  • Research and maintain tax and financial records for clients
  • Create feasible budgets and strategies to help clients stay within budget , offering advice and suggestions on reducing costs and improving profits
  • Monitor and respond to tax authority communications
  • Use accounting procedures to identify any potential risks for fraud
  • Assist clients with tax audits - Change to: Assist clients with HMRC compliance checks and investigations
  • Identify any taxes owed or to be repaid
  • Review financial statements, reports and previous tax returns to identify the best strategy for completing future returns
  • Stay up-to-date with tax laws and regulations

Requirements and skills

  • A general understanding of Crypto, various chains and the blockchain technology. (preferred)
  • Ability to adapt and be part of a cutting edge team.
  • Drive and determination to constantly learn new skills.
  • In-depth understanding of current tax laws, including laws about pay-as-you-earn, self-employment, business and investment taxes
  • Aptitude for numbers and quantitative skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to explain complex tax matters in accessible terms
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking skills to help clients legally maximise their returns and reduce tax burdens
  • Organisation and multi-tasking skills for working on several clients’ tax returns at once
  • Computer and online literacy, including confidence using accounting software and the HMRC online portal


  • Assistance with ad hoc needs of the business (where applicable)
  • Communication of any training and development suggestions to line manager
  • Working alongside the team to ensure a positive and professional environment

If you are interested email your CV over to: